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Becoming Lost





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She wanted to become
as far away as possible
when things explode we
get smaller so she
pulled on her anorexic
stockings and tied back
her heartstrings before
out the door to the hole
she built herself -- one
fine day
we will wake from our
glitterdreaming world to
find some stranger has
taken our places and wonder
how it happened -- she
reminded herself to turn
off the coffeegrinder the
hallway tracklights and hid
an extra key beneath a nest
of sparrows and caught
the crosstownbus at half
past nowhere never
minding the expense or the
hot breath of that yellow-
eared dog at her heels
turning down a street she
did not remember knowing
she saw a yard of lavender
crocuses and the air
smelled faintly of vinegar
of tarsalt
and of ships lost at sea
who do not care anymore
that they are lost because
it is better
than being found at the
last possible moment right
where you never wanted
to be.


Originally published in Scribble, 2003.

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